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You can have almost any part made at Kögel
- so long as it is made from metal.

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In the era of the global marketplace the image of Kögel GmbH is still a successful owner-managed company where tradition and the latest technology happily co-exist.

The core competency of the business lies in the development and production of all kinds of metal parts. We produce innovative products for a wide variety of sectors and applications in our 10.000 sq.metre facility equipped with high-tech production systems.

We employ about 100 staff whose qualifications and enthusiasm contribute to the success of the business in the various product ranges. As well as our own successful ranges of products Kögel is an experienced and competent partner in developing and manufacturing bespoke customer solutions. From a single product to volume production, from development to service, we support you with all the resources you would expect from a long-established company.

We pay great attention to detail, quality and performance!

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