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Secure and protected storage of medical goods

Kögel Storage Systems

Kögel offers a comprehensive product range with which to optimally store your medical goods, While paying particular attention to greater flexibility, stability, appearance and hygiene, as well as making the system as compact as possible.

An Overviews Of The Benefits
  • Manufactured from high-quality stainless steel
  • The height of the various levels is stepwise variable
  • Particularly secure design
  • Open design (easy to clean and disinfect - without any hidden holes)
  • Can be combined with the Kögel organisation and storage system

Shelf Systems

Specification: Universal shelving system composed of individual elements, height 2,000 mm, carrier frame created using U-profile, threaded, Dimensions 34 × 34 × 2 mm, adjustable, with diagonal struts, colour: Anthracite grey Screw-in rails that can be clipped into place (aluminium, anodised with stable abrasion-resistant end-caps made from fibre-optic reinforced plastic PA6), flexible height adjustment at intervals of 71 mm. Horizontal or diagonal arrangement of the storage levels. Expansion or combination with compartment shelves and the Kögel module system is possible.

Configuration options for standard shelving for ISO standard modules